Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sunday November 11, 2012     5- 7 PM

Glendale New Church
845 Congress Ave, Glendale OH 45246
Freewill offering for use of room

People who are happy are not immune from sadness and depression. They have the capacity to return to their normal state. This is the discovery of many kinds of observers from around the world. It is a complex of genetics, brain chemistry, behavior, and thinking. Every human can be happy, even though many have a greater propensity to be happy. Everyone can eat and exercise and relax in order for their brains to operate at its optimum. Everyone can exercise more and with variety. Everyone can change the way they think – and even change the way their brain works in doing so!

This documentary combines real life stories – some powerfully uplifting, some tragic, some ordinary – to demonstrate what experts in sociology, psychology and neuroscience tell us about happiness research.

This film reminds us about being in the “Flow,” acceptance, the “Hedonic Treadmill,” repaying the loan of life with interest, appreciation, noticing what I have that I can give away, and the Gross National Happiness index!

76 minutes in English. Directed by Roko Belic, Produced by Eiji Han Shimizu, Frances Reid, Roko Belic and Tom Shadyac