Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 2012 "Finding Joe"

Sunday, July 29, 2012
 5 to 7 PM
Glendale New Church 845 Congress Ave, Glendale OH 45246
 Freewill offering for use of room

This month's movie: “Finding Joe” (80 minutes, Pat Solomon, Director and Producer)
An invitation for you to find yourself on a hero's journey!

Joseph Campbell introduced us to the concept of the hero's journey as the pattern of spiritual growth of the human spirit, told in countless myths from every culture on earth. This documentary weaves together interviews of people who knew Joseph Campbell or have been studying, expanding and using his insights to help us all find ourselves on our own hero's journey. You will come away with a renewed sense of your self as a hero on the path of life.

Our discussion will include how we each can take this lesson back to our community, furthering its evolution as a spiritual reality.

Introduction to Cincinnati Spiritual Cinema Circle


The “Spiritual Cinema Circle” is the creation of Steven Simon (producer of “What Dreams May Come” and other spiritually inspired films). Each month four independent films are sent on a DVD to subscribers, thus supporting both the film makers and the spread of powerful ideas that can enlighten, empower and generally raise one's consciousness. You don't have to be a film “buff” to be moved by a film about joy, or loss, or fear, or persistence, or peace. Being so moved gives you an opportunity to continue your life from a slightly different angle. Perhaps you have jumped a few feet, or a mile! In any case, you tell someone, you share the feeling, the insight, in the hopes that your community will share in the evolution you experienced. The Spiritual Cinema Circle is a means for you to do that – to join others in taking the lesson into your community, and move it as well.

Everyone is invited to come see the film, with a new one each month. And, for those who are attracted to a deeper involvement, the Cincinnati Spiritual Cinema Circle is an experiment in community building. If you come to believe that experiencing these films and the discussions that follow can change people's hearts and minds, and you harbor a hope that positive actions will result, you are invited to join the Circle! And we will support each other taking actions that apply the small but fundamental lessons the films reveal.

Our Circle meets once a month at the Glendale New Church. Because subscribers who receive the DVDs do not have licenses to show the films, we cannot charge admission, try to gather a large crowd. You will be asked to help cover the utilities, and you will be invited to consider starting your own Circle in your own neighborhood.